We believe courses are an ideal way to gain a deeper understanding of the yoga lifestyle and develop ones practice. Our courses are ideal for the complete beginner and also for the intermediate and advanced practitioner


We offer Kanga Yoga training courses during morning, lunchtime and after work hours. Kanga Yoga in the workplace provides employees the opportunity to exercise their bodies and minds. Kanga Yoga classes lift the energy and spirit within the workforce, relieving any tensions, and soothing busy minds.

Employees will be provided with enough information to establish their own practice at home and techniques that can be easy utilised within the work place. The in-depth study courses are designed to provide a practical understanding of yoga. They offer the opportunity to focus on specific postures, their benefit, alignment and breath control. The course also provides employees with in-depth skills to practice yoga individually as a vehicle for total wellness.

All our teachers complete the Kanga Yoga Training course. This guarantees all of our teachers have a high level of Yoga knowledge and consistently deliver extremely high standard yoga classes.


  • Highly experienced and confident teachers.
  • A practical understanding of yoga.
  • The opportunity to focus on specific postures (benefits).
  • The opportunity to focus on alignment.
  • The opportunity to focus on breath control.
  • Techniques to practice yoga confidently.
  • Weekly practice in Asana, Pranayama and Meditation.
  • Weekly materials on Yoga Philosophy/ Anatomy & Physiology.
  • Hands-on and Verbal Adjustments.


  • Improves concentration
  • Reduces stress-related illnesses and absenteeism.
  • Improves employee alertness and productivity.
  • Relieves work-related injuries
  • Develops cordial relationship between employees.
  • Enhances employee attitude and outlook.
  • Increases motivation at work.
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