Chetana continues to incorporate the eight limbs of yoga into her teachings since she first studied in India at the age of 17. Chetana’s teaching guides her students into their internal bandhas (energy locks) to facilitate core strengthening. She creates fluid transitions through the asana practice facilitating to music. Chetana has a vast knowledge of the meridian system and self-acupressure massage, working to harmonize the five elements of students’ unique constitution. She aims to thread yin & yang calibrations together with hatha (sun and moon) – asanas. In the words of Chetana – “Together we allow the body to speak its unique dialogue unraveling on a somatic psychotherapeutic level, opening an inner listening, open dialogue with your body to unravel it’s wisdom and healing potential, embodying yoga into daily life and living.” Chetana discovered Kanga Yoga by grace; she has been pleasantly surprised to discover real authentic yoga, offering the dynamism and power of Asthanga, the Bhakti transmission of Sivananda Yoga and the grounding attention to alignment in the Patanjali tradition of Iyengar – the foundations of all yoga today. Chetana feels really aligned to Kanga Yoga’s humanitarian vision to the embrace of yoga as a devotional practice and as a sacred science of body mind and spirit.  She feels honored and blessed to be a part of a company of such remarkable excellence in their teaching ethics “walking the talk “of yoga in life. ~ Chetana Thornton

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