Lotte is a qualified yoga teacher and private chef. She focuses on healthy and nutrient rich food and has incorporated her love of yoga into her cooking.
Lotte’s main belief is the reason for living is to feed our bodies with the right nutrients, diet and fuel to allow us to walk, talk, swim, laugh and practice yoga. Digestion is extremely important within this process. By fueling our body with the right components to aid our digestion we can enable ourselves to function to the best of our ability. Aiding digestion also comes from yoga, twists, expansions and bends can energising the cells within our body, kick starting our digestion, giving us energy and strength to practice.
Kanga yoga has enabled Lotte to bridge the gap between healthy diet and healthy lifestyle. Delving into a deeper practice, enriching the body inside and out, Kanga Yoga enables the body to become stronger physically and mentally. Combine that with a fantastic nutrient rich diet, is a winning combination. Giving our bodies the correct starter kit to begin our yoga journey has been at the forefront of Lotte’s thinking, a continuous process and infinite journey.

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