Michelle Cade is the co- founder and producer of Kanga Soundscape, a London based electronic music producer, DJ, vocalist, certified Ayurvedic Massge therapist.

She trained in Bali with the Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Institute and in London with Dr Anil Alexander founder of Soukia Ayurveda (Healing Sparsh). Michelle believes the environment and small details of a massage treatment make all the difference so she strives to create the ultimate relaxing experience using aromatherapy and carefully chosen sounds & music. Michelle is fascinated with sound therapy and healing frequencies and is studying further so she can incorporate this into her massage treatments. Michelle’s love for music and dance began very early growing up in her home of South Africa. Michelle is fascinated with different cultures, their traditional musical instruments and rhythms and incorporates these different genres in her music. Tribal roots and the effect of nature have had a powerful impact not only on her music but on the person she is today.

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