Music itself is Hatha Yoga Sadhana; it involves a good amount of control and regulation of breath. Moreover, the various musical notes have their own corresponding nadis (subtle channels in the vital sheath of the body) in the vital centres within the Kundalini chakras, and music vibrates these nadis, purifies them, and awakens the psychic and spiritual power dormant in them.

The true musician is the highest Nishkama Karma Yogi. He removes the sorrows of the people who listen to him. Music cures incurable diseases, dispels the gloom of ignorance, of wrong notions, and of despair from the heart, and instills in it joy, cheer, happiness and hope ~ Sivananda

Kanga Yoga Music shares healing and inspiring sounds brought to you by a collection of artists from around the world.

A diverse range of genres for yoga, meditation, massage and relaxation with clear intention towards increasing consciousness, relaxation and healing.

The Kanga Yoga Music artists come together as a collective to produce the Kanga Yoga Music Album (10% of proceeds go to the Pedal for Purpose Charity.) Together they also offer live performances at events to inspire and uplift the soul.

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