Emma Bonnici is the founder of Kanga Yoga, Soundscape and Unite For Purpose. She has been studying Yoga and Ayurveda and organising events for over 12 years.

She teaches with absolute enthusiasm, care and attention to detail, whilst also bringing knowledge gained from her own personal practice, and providing strong encouragement and support within her classes.

Since 2006, Emma has been traveling annually to Africa and India. Her Yoga practice has always been very inspired by her Indian teachers of Ashtanga Vinyasa, Sivananda, Iyengar Yoga & Ayurveda. During her travels and studies, she discovered the true essence of adapting yoga to the individual and also learned the positive healing power of music. Emma believes our energy changes according to the environment we exist in, along with connected seasons and lifestyle. With this in mind, Emma focuses on the energy of her students, whilst also incorporating music and elements of different yoga practices into each class.

Upon her return to the UK in 2009 when running Kanga Events (a wellbeing events company), her classes became remarkably referred to as ‘Kanga Yoga’ by studios and events in London. Soon after, Emma then followed the advice of a wise women in the Sivananda Centre in Putney, and ‘went with the flow’. Others then resonated with the practice and Emma began to train more teachers in Kanga Yoga. In 2011, whilst teaching Yoga in Madhya Pradesh, Emma also wrote a weekly yoga column for The Hindustan Times national newspaper.

An avid traveller, Emma enjoys learning about various cultures and bringing people together. She is dedicated and passionate about improving people’s lives and supporting communities through the teachings of Yoga & Ayurveda. Today, Emma is actively involved in community outreach projects across East Africa and India. She also leads the Kanga Yoga Teacher Training Courses, Retreats, Festival Spas & Soundscape events.

Emma regularly returns to India to practice with her teacher at the Sivandana Kutir ashram, the Yoga Study Centre (Bramacharya Rudra Dev), Patanjala Yoga Kendran (Usha Devi) and Tattvaa Yogashala (Kamal Singh).

Kat Drake is the co – director of Kanga Music, a London-based musician.

Her beautiful, ethereal voice echoes in the songs she writes. Her strong sense of purpose and passion runs through her songs and a deep intimacy in her delivery draws people in when she performs” (Sarah Hosney, photographer).

Classically trained, with a Masters in Music Leadership from the Guildhall School of Music & Drama, her craft has taken her to places like Cuba, where she collaborated with local musicians, and Argentina singing with a samba band (Deixa Pra La). Subsequently she set up a celtic/latin cross-over collective in London (Buenos Londres). She has fronted many bands and been part of many collaborations which has led to varied performances, such as the Woodburner folk night in London, and at festivals like the Sunrise Celebration, Glastonbury, Wilderness and Secret Garden Party, as well as performing at diplomatic events for the World Wide Fund for Nature, the Schumacher Conference, BBC Radio Bristol and Interfaith events at St Ethelburga’s in Liverpool Street. Kat has been working  closely with Kanga Yoga to bring music and yoga together. In 2016, she realised her song “Believe” with Kanga, as a charity single to launch the Pedal For Purpose in Africa. Previously her recording career includes singing the title track for a feature length film (The Silent Storm, Eon Productions), a jazz album produced by Richard Hewson of the Rah Band and a devotional album that has sold hundreds of copies all over the world through the Baha’i faith network (Lighted Candle). She is passionate about music as a tool to inspire positive change and bring people together. She is in the process of writing songs for an album of songs inspired by her deep connection with the natural world. “…Kat’s music is rooted in traditional English folk music and her vocal style is reminiscent of Eva Cassidy with a hint of Joni Mitchell but we believe she has a style all her own.” (The Icarus Club)

Michelle Cade is the co- founder and producer of Kanga Soundscape, a London based electronic music producer, DJ, vocalist, certified Ayurvedic Massge therapist.

She trained in Bali with the Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Institute and in London with Dr Anil Alexander founder of Soukia Ayurveda (Healing Sparsh). Michelle believes the environment and small details of a massage treatment make all the difference so she strives to create the ultimate relaxing experience using aromatherapy and carefully chosen sounds & music. Michelle is fascinated with sound therapy and healing frequencies and is studying further so she can incorporate this into her massage treatments. Michelle’s love for music and dance began very early growing up in her home of South Africa. Michelle is fascinated with different cultures, their traditional musical instruments and rhythms and incorporates these different genres in her music. Tribal roots and the effect of nature have had a powerful impact not only on her music but on the person she is today.

Lysianne is the co- founder of Pedal for Purpose Project, community manager, performer, and fitness enthusiast. From a young age Lysianne always had a natural disposition for performing and the arts. After subjecting her friends and family for over a decade with renditions of Michael Jackson songs and one woman performances of the film Titanic, thankfully at 16 her passion led her to The Brit School for performing arts in Croydon. She then went on to continue her acting training at Queen Margaret’s University, Edinburgh. Since graduation, Lysianne has worked successfully in numerous theatre and TV roles, including playing Alice in an adaptation of Alice in Wonderland in Brixton, London.  Lysianne is also an avid traveller. She is fascinated by different cultures and the human condition Whilst living and working in South Korea, Lysianne developed a keen interest in sports, fitness and health. She learnt that through self discipline and training came a strength both physically and mentally, that never knew she had. Since returning to London Lysianne managed the community events and  run club for Lululemon in Covent Garden. She is also a member of the Hackney weightlifting club in London. In 2015, Lysianne competed in Olympic weightlifting competitions and also qualified and competed in the British Powerlifting Championships. She is proof that the impossible is always possible and that you should never limit your capabilities or talents. We can always learn new skills and where there is a will there is a way. Taking on the role of Community manager for Kanga and the Pedal for Purpose project is something that Lysianne is extremely proud and excited about. Being part of a movement that fuses music, yoga, endurance and community is something she is immensely grateful to be a part of. She is eager to lead the Journey of a Lifetime. “Art is man’s constant effort to create for himself a different order of reality from that which is given to him.” Chinua Achebe.

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