Fleur Mondanipoor has been practicing yoga for 10 years and teaching for 5 years.

Her background is in dance and fitness background. Fleur found her true passion in practicing and teaching Yoga.

Fleur qualified as a Yoga teacher in India and since then has trained with various teachers in England. She understands the importance of keeping a fresh approach.

Fleur is compassionate and always teaches from the heart. She believes in combining traditional Yoga with contemporary practices to create a safe and beneficial dynamic classes suitable for all.

Fleur started teaching Kanga Yoga in 2014. Since, she has taught as many events. Fleur teaches Kanga Yoga courses in corporate companies and workshops at festivals in the Summer. She is very proud to be part of the Kanga family. Fleur also specialises in pregnancy yoga and she is also a Reiki practitioner and a bodywork specialist.

Fleur loves to inspire people. She is always encouraging and loves helping people to grow and reach personal goals.’

Lauren finds the body and movement to be a source of peace and pleasure. She does her best to practice non-attachment, but confesses she has a life long love affair with the senses. She has a deep passion to reunite people with the joys of movement, nature and the wonder of the human body.

Lauren is a dancer, producer/director and therapeutic movement coach.
She is trained as a ballet/contemporary dancer, martial artist, circus performer, and somatic movement and bodywork practitioner. Both her artistic output and internal enquiry concern kinesthetic, sensory experience and the surrounding environment.

Laurens personal yogic practice arose as a means to nourish and protect her own body and mind, but led her to deepen her knowledge and practice by completing her 200-hour teacher training with Kanga yoga. Studying in Rishikesh in 2016 under Emma Bonnicci, her heart blossomed and her mind flourished. On completion of the course, Lauren remained in India to intensify her physical training in Iyengar yoga under the guidance of Iyengar’s prestigious disciple, Usha Devi. During this time she stayed at the Kerela Ashram and furthered her study of the Yoga sutras under Swami Abhishek Chaitanya Giri. She is now humbled to have the opportunity to begin her journey as a teacher and share the knowledge and teachings she has received so far. Lauren looks forward to bringing a wealth of somatic movement experience to her teaching, as well as a deep love of music and dance and creative interaction with the natural world.
Lauren qualified at the Arts Educational School, Tring, and the Roehampton Institute in London. She has trained with Authentic Movement pioneer Susan Shell, and the Institute of Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy.
Laurens previous experience covers a wealth of disciplines on which she draws, including; Contact Improvisation, Skinner Release Tech, Dance Movement Therapy, Thai Massage, Chi gong, Alexander Technique, and Acrobatics.
Last year, Lauren founded Curatrix Productions, and engaged in some awesome environmental performance ‘Action’. She still trains in Brazilian Jujitsu, likes hanging out upside-down in the forest and is a crazy cat lady already.

Yoga came into Chichi’s life when she was seeking some stability and purpose.
Chichi Birgen is based in Kenya. She previously worked as a Project Manager in the IT Industry for 5 years, mainly working for corporate companies. After 3 years of continuous practice, the fire within her to be of service to others led her to teach yoga to close friends and family.
She has always believed in health and well-being. This was initially centered around physical well-being but after beginning yoga, Chichi realised the importance of mental well-being, especially with the busy fast paced lifestyles we lead. In 2016, Chichi finally got her dream of training in India, home and origin of yoga practice, with Kanga Yoga. Her training gave her a deeper insight into her own practice. It was through this humbling experience she gained invaluable knowledge on Kanga Style of yoga whose core value is adapting the practice to the individual. She was drawn to this unique approach that makes yoga accessible to all regardless of age,genderandphysicalcapabilities. Itisthroughthisunderstandingofusingyogaasatoolto reach out and support people from all walks of life that lead her into Kanga Collection an organisation that supports local tailors through employment for the production of yoga accessories with the vision of growing into a platform for tailors to share skills and create a sustainable livelihood.Through yoga she can now see more purpose and meaning in waking up everyday to give back as much as has been given to her.

Lotte is a qualified yoga teacher and private chef. She focuses on healthy and nutrient rich food and has incorporated her love of yoga into her cooking.
Lotte’s main belief is the reason for living is to feed our bodies with the right nutrients, diet and fuel to allow us to walk, talk, swim, laugh and practice yoga. Digestion is extremely important within this process. By fueling our body with the right components to aid our digestion we can enable ourselves to function to the best of our ability. Aiding digestion also comes from yoga, twists, expansions and bends can energising the cells within our body, kick starting our digestion, giving us energy and strength to practice.
Kanga yoga has enabled Lotte to bridge the gap between healthy diet and healthy lifestyle. Delving into a deeper practice, enriching the body inside and out, Kanga Yoga enables the body to become stronger physically and mentally. Combine that with a fantastic nutrient rich diet, is a winning combination. Giving our bodies the correct starter kit to begin our yoga journey has been at the forefront of Lotte’s thinking, a continuous process and infinite journey.

Paola discovered yoga ten years ago initially as physical practice. Her spiritual path began when she enrolled a Mindfulness course and Vipassana meditation retreat, to find space and peace within herself.
During her work on self-exploration, Paola absolutely fell in love with the Yoga philosophy, awakening in a balanced and harmonious mindful life. After years of practice, dedication and inspiration from this beautiful science, Paola traveled to Rishikesh in India to deepen her practice and knowledge in the subject. She completed 200 hours Yoga Alliance Teacher training.
Paola practiced several classic styles of yoga – from Ashtanga, Hatha, Iyengar, Hot Yoga to Vinyasa flow. She discovered that Kanga Yoga is the perfect practice for the life history carried on her body. Her style of teaching incorporates her education in Iyengar, Shivananda and Ashtanga Yoga, adapting those styles to all student levels. She often incorporates Pranayama and Meditation exercises into her classes to help people deeply connect spiritually with themselves. Thanks to Yoga, her approach to life has visibly transformed into something positive and valuable, feeling now honored to be able to share her knowledge with anyone who crosses her path. There is always a reason why we meet someone, is up to you to see the message they have for you.” – Paola Grasso.

Emma Bonnici is the founder of Kanga Yoga, Soundscape and Unite For Purpose. She has been studying Yoga and Ayurveda and organising events for over 12 years.

She teaches with absolute enthusiasm, care and attention to detail, whilst also bringing knowledge gained from her own personal practice, and providing strong encouragement and support within her classes.

Since 2006, Emma has been traveling annually to Africa and India. Her Yoga practice has always been very inspired by her Indian teachers of Ashtanga Vinyasa, Sivananda, Iyengar Yoga & Ayurveda. During her travels and studies, she discovered the true essence of adapting yoga to the individual and also learned the positive healing power of music. Emma believes our energy changes according to the environment we exist in, along with connected seasons and lifestyle. With this in mind, Emma focuses on the energy of her students, whilst also incorporating music and elements of different yoga practices into each class.

Upon her return to the UK in 2009 when running Kanga Events (a wellbeing events company), her classes became remarkably referred to as ‘Kanga Yoga’ by studios and events in London. Soon after, Emma then followed the advice of a wise women in the Sivananda Centre in Putney, and ‘went with the flow’. Others then resonated with the practice and Emma began to train more teachers in Kanga Yoga. In 2011, whilst teaching Yoga in Madhya Pradesh, Emma also wrote a weekly yoga column for The Hindustan Times national newspaper.

An avid traveller, Emma enjoys learning about various cultures and bringing people together. She is dedicated and passionate about improving people’s lives and supporting communities through the teachings of Yoga & Ayurveda. Today, Emma is actively involved in community outreach projects across East Africa and India. She also leads the Kanga Yoga Teacher Training Courses, Retreats, Festival Spas & Soundscape events.

Emma regularly returns to India to practice with her teacher at the Sivandana Kutir ashram, the Yoga Study Centre (Bramacharya Rudra Dev), Patanjala Yoga Kendran (Usha Devi) and Tattvaa Yogashala (Kamal Singh).

Bhavini has been a classically trained musician since early childhood and naturally this combined with her lifelong immersion in Yoga and Meditation.
With a vast history of performing in prestigious venues all over the world and completing her ABRSM training with a Distinction in Grade 8, Bhavini’s vocals are a representation of her varied and in depth cultural education. She has featured on many international music albums and has recently completed her self-written project in London. Bhavini works for the International Art of Living Foundation, teaching Happiness Programs and Stress Management and Rehabilitation Training in Prisons, for young offenders and sufferers of PTSD, Depression and Anxiety, and this contributes to her deep understanding of breathwork and its impact on our internal systems. She is Co-Director and lead singer of The Yoga Jam, presenting the creative fusion of contemporary beats & rhythms with ancient Sanskrit mantras, yoga and meditation since 2011. The Yoga Jam encourages people to explore their inner world and cultivate a more self-reflective practice; it is a regular event at the annual Om Yoga Show and other yoga festivals including International Yoga Day.

Lucy promotes positive energy, a fresh perspective and self-empowerment for those seeking her guidance in this fashion. Lucy’s specialist area is helping those working with depression, anxiety or stress, however, her clients also include those affected by conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Crohn’s Disease. Having mastered Massage, Lucy was called to become formally attuned to the healing art of Reiki. Through working with Reiki, Lucy has been able to help clients dealing with a variety of physical and psychological issues. Lucy’s personal practice of Yoga as a means of looking after her own wellbeing led her to pursue it professionally, seeing it as a natural extension of her therapeutic work. As an additional string to her therapeutic bow, Lucy has studied the ancient wisdom of the Tarot, viewing this as another healing art. Lucy’s approach to Tarot is to use it as a practical life-coaching tool, not purporting to predict the future but using the cards as an objective medium through which to begin a constructive conversation about her clients’ current situations. Lucy works closely with Kanga throughout the year. Whether she is working in a festival field, a packed office or the tranquility of her therapy room, Lucy continues to find beautiful and inspiring synergy between all of these magnificent and interconnected therapies. “My mission is to help people to feel happier, to be healthier & to experience a sense of healing.” – Lucy Wilson

Robert really feels the benefits of the practice and truly understands it is so much more than a physical exercise. Robert trained as a Yoga Teacher between November 2013 to February 2014 under the guidance of Emma Bonnici. He thoroughly enjoyed studying the philosophy of Yoga and alignment principles in Yoga asanas. Robert gathered the confidence to teach yoga using the skills he learnt from Emma. He is so grateful to have been introduced to Yoga.  He is completely inspired to share the teachings and help other reap the benefits. Today, Robert continues to teach Kanga Yoga classes at Leopard Beach resort in Diani. He also reaches out to the local community, offering free yoga classes to schools in Ukunda village.  Robert keeps up his own self practice and self study with books on Yoga.  Annually he returns to practice with Emma on her courses in the of coast in Kenya.  Robert aspires to continue to study and practice yoga and teach overseas.

“The training was a great opportunity that really changed my Life. I have connected and bonded with people of different tribes, international and domestic tourist here in Kenya”. – Robert.

Lisa believes Yoga is a way of life, everyone should practice because makes them better person by developing more peace, love,happiness and kindness. Lisa teaches strong energetic sequences, incorporates music and breath to encourage a creative play between you and the yoga experience. Lisa holds certificates in Ashtanga & Vinyasa flow and finds Kanga Yoga very inspiring and very close to her way of thinking and teaching , her classes are open to all levels and all ages. When she become pregnant and her practice slow down , Lisa completed her Pre/ Post Natal and Mum& Baby Yoga course. She feels this is the best decision she made. She discovered how simple breath and deep relaxation can help a woman heal physically , mentally and emotionally.

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