Ashish Bist,born in Garhwal Himalaya, the hometown of greatest yoga creator Shiva. He is one of the founders of Rishikesh Yoga Teaching Union, he is working now as the director of teaching department in Yogasummit. Since 10 years old, he started to learn yoga under the guidance of yoga master in Rishikesh. Later he followed Himalaya master Swami Rama’s disciple, Suresh Binjola, learned Himalaya yoga and meditation. And he learned Iyengar Yoga from Swami Br. Rudra Dev one of Guru B.K.S. Iyengar’s senior students. He completed Yoga teacher training course in Parmarth Niketan Yoga Institute in 2001. Ashish has over 16 years of teaching experience, and is an expertise of traditional Hatha Yoga and chanting. He believes that yoga is a holistic practice of combination of body, mind and spirit, make the body, mind and spirit to achieve a calm and peaceful state. Through yoga practice one can enhance concentration, understand oneself well and keep his mind in a state full of peace and joy

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