Yoga came into Chichi’s life when she was seeking some stability and purpose.
Chichi Birgen is based in Kenya. She previously worked as a Project Manager in the IT Industry for 5 years, mainly working for corporate companies. After 3 years of continuous practice, the fire within her to be of service to others led her to teach yoga to close friends and family.
She has always believed in health and well-being. This was initially centered around physical well-being but after beginning yoga, Chichi realised the importance of mental well-being, especially with the busy fast paced lifestyles we lead. In 2016, Chichi finally got her dream of training in India, home and origin of yoga practice, with Kanga Yoga. Her training gave her a deeper insight into her own practice. It was through this humbling experience she gained invaluable knowledge on Kanga Style of yoga whose core value is adapting the practice to the individual. She was drawn to this unique approach that makes yoga accessible to all regardless of age,genderandphysicalcapabilities. Itisthroughthisunderstandingofusingyogaasatoolto reach out and support people from all walks of life that lead her into Kanga Collection an organisation that supports local tailors through employment for the production of yoga accessories with the vision of growing into a platform for tailors to share skills and create a sustainable livelihood.Through yoga she can now see more purpose and meaning in waking up everyday to give back as much as has been given to her.

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