Helen is yoga teacher, massage therapist, Reiki healer, dancer and hula hoop performer and teacher. She performs and teaches internationally. Helen is a strong and natural teacher and provides a caring, calm and encouraging environment in which to develop the yoga practice. She incorporates peace, energy, balance and strength into each class. She nurtures a compassion for the dynamic yet passive pace of the Kanga Yoga asana practice and the integration of movement with music. With a background and a passion for dance Helen understands the importance of breath leading movement and flows through sequences with an emphasis on extension and alignment, delivering graceful movement with an awareness of our bodies and a calming of our minds. Helen completed her initial Yoga training in India and stayed in India to teach and embrace the practice and the culture. She truly feels that the setting for the practice is important, for her Kanga yoga classes are like stepping back into India; the sounds, smells, colors and the teachings. Her spiritual approach and understanding of practitioner’s needs make her classes appealing to all levels. Helen uses a very integrated approach also to her treatment, which often involves getting the whole body in better balance so that the body is able to heal it’s self. Helen loves being a part of the Kanga family and continues to offer treatment in the Kanga Spa at a number of UK festivals, teach Kanga Yoga training courses, workshops and classes in internationally. “Travelling whilst gathering and sharing happy healing practices is a way of life”. – Helen Rooney

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