Lauren finds the body and movement to be a source of peace and pleasure. She does her best to practice non-attachment, but confesses she has a life long love affair with the senses. She has a deep passion to reunite people with the joys of movement, nature and the wonder of the human body.

Lauren is a dancer, producer/director and therapeutic movement coach.
She is trained as a ballet/contemporary dancer, martial artist, circus performer, and somatic movement and bodywork practitioner. Both her artistic output and internal enquiry concern kinesthetic, sensory experience and the surrounding environment.

Laurens personal yogic practice arose as a means to nourish and protect her own body and mind, but led her to deepen her knowledge and practice by completing her 200-hour teacher training with Kanga yoga. Studying in Rishikesh in 2016 under Emma Bonnicci, her heart blossomed and her mind flourished. On completion of the course, Lauren remained in India to intensify her physical training in Iyengar yoga under the guidance of Iyengar’s prestigious disciple, Usha Devi. During this time she stayed at the Kerela Ashram and furthered her study of the Yoga sutras under Swami Abhishek Chaitanya Giri. She is now humbled to have the opportunity to begin her journey as a teacher and share the knowledge and teachings she has received so far. Lauren looks forward to bringing a wealth of somatic movement experience to her teaching, as well as a deep love of music and dance and creative interaction with the natural world.
Lauren qualified at the Arts Educational School, Tring, and the Roehampton Institute in London. She has trained with Authentic Movement pioneer Susan Shell, and the Institute of Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy.
Laurens previous experience covers a wealth of disciplines on which she draws, including; Contact Improvisation, Skinner Release Tech, Dance Movement Therapy, Thai Massage, Chi gong, Alexander Technique, and Acrobatics.
Last year, Lauren founded Curatrix Productions, and engaged in some awesome environmental performance ‘Action’. She still trains in Brazilian Jujitsu, likes hanging out upside-down in the forest and is a crazy cat lady already.

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