Lucy promotes positive energy, a fresh perspective and self-empowerment for those seeking her guidance in this fashion. Lucy’s specialist area is helping those working with depression, anxiety or stress, however, her clients also include those affected by conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Crohn’s Disease. Having mastered Massage, Lucy was called to become formally attuned to the healing art of Reiki. Through working with Reiki, Lucy has been able to help clients dealing with a variety of physical and psychological issues. Lucy’s personal practice of Yoga as a means of looking after her own wellbeing led her to pursue it professionally, seeing it as a natural extension of her therapeutic work. As an additional string to her therapeutic bow, Lucy has studied the ancient wisdom of the Tarot, viewing this as another healing art. Lucy’s approach to Tarot is to use it as a practical life-coaching tool, not purporting to predict the future but using the cards as an objective medium through which to begin a constructive conversation about her clients’ current situations. Lucy works closely with Kanga throughout the year. Whether she is working in a festival field, a packed office or the tranquility of her therapy room, Lucy continues to find beautiful and inspiring synergy between all of these magnificent and interconnected therapies. “My mission is to help people to feel happier, to be healthier & to experience a sense of healing.” – Lucy Wilson

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